The general objective of What’s up in education is to improve Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) organizational and governance models through exchange of experiences and good practices

In particular the project has two specific objectives:

1To identify organizational solutions that improve ECEC services and contribute to increase access

2To improve Families and community participation in the life of pre-schools services

These goals can be more strongly pursued in the context of building reciprocal relationships among different ECEC services and models.

The project will facilitate knowledge exchanges among teachers, managers, coordinators and the larger community, in order to enhance intellectual, cultural, and social influence to improve young children’s developmental outcomes.

A European comparison will enrich our understanding of the role that higher level institutional governance play in promoting healthy child development: each country can differ substantially in their institutional histories in the ways in which they provide support to families and children. For these reasons the “school to school” exchange is an opportunity to share different pedagogic and governance models, deepening the knowledge about each other’s practices and learning from them, and identify practices to be transferred or tested in the home context according to each partner characteristics.